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Let us Edit, Format and Publish your Manuscript.

Donna Derasmo ~ President/CEO
Robert Banfelder ~ Senior Editor

E-mail or phone us at (631) 369-3192

Complete Editing and Publishing Project: Broadwater Books via Createspace (Amazon): THE PROFESSOR AND THE ENGLISH SPY: Memoir of a World War II French/Italian Underground Journey ~ 1942–1944 by Samuel Berlin. Publication date: June 28, 2012.


Is your manuscript truly ready for publication?

Before wasting time and significant monies (and time is money as you well know), let's see how well you write. At no charge, I will read and evaluate the first ten (10) pages of your work.

The majority of queries and/or submissions will not be taken seriously by an agent or publisher if the author possesses serious grammar and structural problems.

Let me review your work, and we’ll go from there. If you need editing and/or tutoring, I will not pass you along to someone else. I will personally work with you for an hourly fee. Only serious writers need to take the next step—and that is to contact me.

Please take a moment to view my Writing Credentials (link at top of page) on this Web site.

Robert Banfelder
141 Riverside Drive
Riverhead, N.Y. 11901-2451

Robert Banfelder is an award-winning novelist, outdoors writer, TV show host, senior editor of Broadwater Books, former journalist and "gifted" college English instructor. The following professional services are offered for writers of all levels. E-mail or phone (631) 369-3192 to discuss your requirements.
Select the service or services that fill your needs.

  • Manuscript Evaluation: Free for the first ten (10) pages.
  • Manuscript Word Processing (from legibly handwritten [script or print] document): Fee ~ $1.50/page
  • Scanning/Formatting (from typed, hard copy document): Fee ~ $1.00/page
  • Tutoring: $100 hour on premises; off premises (East End of Long Island proximity) travel time ~ additional fee. Contact for rates.
  • Home Study Writing Course: The Art of of Writing Fiction & Nonfiction ~ A 14-lesson tutorial [all levels]: Fee ~ $99 (see description below under Workshops: Home Study Writing Course)
  • **Manuscript Copyediting: Fee ~ $4.50 to $9.50/page based on your writing skills determined by copyediting needed via Free Manuscript Evaluation.
    (Manuscript submission format: 81/2" x 11", double-spaced, one-inch all-around margins)
  • Proof (hard) copy of edited manuscript, final edited (hard) copy, and computer disk copy: Fee ~ $25
  • Cover Design: Contact for rates
  • Upload Manuscript to Amazon for print and/or e-book: Fee determined by scope of project. Contact for rates.

**A copyedit will polish your prose where necessary. This includes a professional comprehensive editing covering and correcting grammar, spelling, subject/verb agreement, punctuation, run-ons, comma splices, fragments, syntax, repetition, transitions, chapter breaks, et cetera. The edit involves a word-by-word, line-by-line, second then third proofreading. Upon completion, you will receive a polished digital and printed copy of your manuscript—ready for publication.

Once your work is ready for publication, we can upload your manuscript to the Amazon Web site so that paperback copies are available. Additonally, your book can be published as an e-book on Amazon. There is no need for folks to purchase an e-reader such as a Kindle or a Nook. E-books can be read on your PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, et cetera by downloading the application (app).

Important Note: There’s an age-old adage that “If it seems too good to be true, it probably isn’t true.” Well, the services and fees stated above are, indeed, true. Instead of laying out thousands of dollars to have your work set up professionally in print, you can now accomplish your goal for far less, especially if you do not need copyediting at $4.50 to $9.50 per page. Many editing services charge up to $16.50 per page. We have witnessed poor to mediocre editing services that charge big bucks. If you elect to go with us, you will receive a truly professional package for an unbeatable price. Do your due diligence and research this arena before making a definitive decision.

Do you want to see what your e-book will look like? My managing editor and publicist, Donna Derasmo, and I went the e-book route after working with traditional print publishers for over twenty years. My latest thriller titled Knots is available through the previously mentioned Web sites for $4.99. Again, there is no need to purchase an e-reader such as a Kindle or a Nook. E-books can be read on your PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, et cetera by downloading the application (app).


Tutoring Services and Workshops

Fiction (novels, novellas, novelettes, short stories); Nonfiction (articles, essays, book-length projects)


Workshops may be tailored to specific areas of concentration. Sample topics include:
  • Beginners' Writing Workshop
  • Intermediate Writing Workshop
  • Advanced Writing Workshop
  • All-day Seminars available
  • Home Study Writing Course: The Art of Writing Fiction & Nonfiction ~ A 12-lesson tutorial [all levels]: Fee ~ $99

A portion of this comprehensive home study writing course gives prominence to The Art of Writing Fiction & Nonfiction (Basic to Advanced)—offering techniques for creating powerful prose and quite candid advice on getting published. Figuratively speaking, a good writer has a plethora of tools at his or her disposal — metaphors, similes, analogies; personification, alliteration (assonance, consonance) — to name but a few. Learn how to employ these tools to their full advantage. To date, as an award-winning novelist, I have had four works published: No Stranger Than I, The Author, The Teacher, and Knots. Excerpts from my psychological thrillers, along with instructional commentaries, will accompany each issue. The Art of Writing Fiction & Nonfiction (Basic to Advanced) will include instruction on article writing and interviewing personalities. I have interviewed such folks as Frank Mundus (world-renowned shark fisherman and the template for Captain Quint in the movie Jaws; Frank’s wife, Jenny Mundus; and Jon Dodd, the new owner of Mundus’ famed Cricket II. Commentaries on the interview process along with publishing venues will be included. Most importantly, tips on the querying process for both fiction and nonfiction will be included.


Talks, Lectures & Workshops Re the Following Subjects for Corporate, Club, Restaurant, Library Venues
  • Phenomenon of the Serial Killer & FBI Profiling
  • Fighting Back & Winning: Consumer, Legal, Government Issues
  • Enjoying the Great Outdoors: Saltwater & Freshwater Fly-fishing, Fly tying (Tools, Materials, Recipes); Spin/Bait Casting; Clamming/Crabbing; Kayaking & Canoeing; Powerboating
  • On Your Way to Getting Published
  • Making Decent Money Writing With What You Already Know: How To Get into the Freelance Writing Business
  • Bonus: Making Decent Dollars Writing Articles ~ Saving Beaucoup Bucks on Products in the Bargain