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"Best Suspense Novel of 2007!"

Angelo Peluso, author of Saltwater Flies of the Northeast and Fly Fishing Long Island, April 6, 2008. "I recently picked up a copy of Robert Banfelder's THE AUTHOR (a two-volume set). In Part One, I reached a point where the antagonist, Malcolm Columba, accosts a young Becky Dawson while ice skating. I had a knot in my stomach in anticipation of the outcome. What an excellent level of suspense in such a compact chapter. Very, very, well done! Great description and visualizations throughout! I had reviewed Banfelder's sequel to THE AUTHOR, entitled THE TEACHER, in a magazine for which I write. Banfelder is a very talented fiction writer who manages to weave his knowledge of the outdoors into his works. His novels are expertly crafted and positively compelling. Like THE TEACHER, THE AUTHOR will have you sitting on the edge of your seat waiting for what comes next. If you enjoy your reading on the scary side, then this is a book you should read on a dark and cold winter's night. If you like being frightened, you won't be disappointed. Both books are really great reads."

JMHUNTER, March 21, 2008. "Robert Banfelder does a masterful job of providing the reader with every detail regarding the unorthodox murders committed by the sinister Colomba. He also does an excellent job of conveying to the reader the loving relationships bewteen the victims and the family member whose actions led to their horrific demise. Banfelder is quite adept at capturing the impact of these tragic losses on the "eco-transgressors", as fully intended by the villain. Overall it was an excellent read, but I wonder if this story could have been shortened into one book, leaving enough loose ends to be covered in a third book. Hopefully, we haven't heard the last of Justin Barnes and what's left of Colomba's network."

Patti Ann Bengen: author of the romantic thrillers The Devil's Dance and New Beginnings. Visit Patti Ann Bengen. February 8, 2008. "Author Robert Banfelder pulls out all the stops when he created the frightening, manipulating, serial-killing predator, Malcolm Columba, in his two-part suspense thriller, The Author. Forget about that line separating sanity and insanity because Columba knows no bounds, and bares no guilt, remorse or hesitation as he moves forward with a vengeance—the killer's success, in part, stemming from a global underground network. His premeditated actions are vicious and without conscience. You will become wary of your ability to trust; could it be a Columba at your back door? You will think twice before shutting off the lights at night.

"Banfelder is unrelenting in his ability to move you along, and into his pages. You are running fast and just when you think it might be safe, Banfelder hits you with another curve. Not to be missed. The story is action-packed, the characters are driven, and the ferocity of the story will stay with you long after it ends.

"The question is not when this novel hits movie status, but who will play the part of Malcolm Columba?"

Donna Gestri, Author of For Jennie and Time Takes No Time, February 24, 2008. "Philosopher Gottfried Leibniz wrote, "But it is the knowledge of necessary and eternal truths which distinguishes us from mere animals, and gives us reason and the sciences, raising us to knowledge of ourselves and God. It is this in us which we call the rational soul or mind." But what happens when a madman takes it upon himself to avenge the wrong being inflicted on the environment and sees his actions as a necessary and reasonable warning to all those who carelessly destroy our water and air with pollution? What happens when the line between himself and God blurs?

"Robert Banfelder has conjured up just such a sick mind in his pulse pounding thriller, The Author. Malcolm Columba is a notorious serial killer, meticulously plotting his revenge on the beloved family members of those responsible for (what he perceives as) unforgivable transgressions against the environment. The murders are shockingly gruesome and not for the faint of heart. Banfelder incorporates a wide array of teases to build up the suspense before each horrific murder. The Suffolk County police department eventually recognizes they must consider murders occurring in other parts of the country as part of the killer's grand scheme. Soon enough you begin to question everyone involved in the case as the length of Columba's stretch and influence becomes more and more evident. Eventually the reader learns that Columba is the author of an operation that places FBI agents in extremist groups around the world.

"Enter Justin Barnes, drug and gun runner intent on revenging the murder of his cousin by this fiend. It is a bit unnerving meeting this Justin as The Author is the prequel to The Teacher which introduced him to readers. His unsavory past makes for awkward reading, rather like learning the friend you have become so close to in recent years, spent time in jail before you knew them. Soon enough you realize that Justin is neither a bully nor a fool, and you cheer on his better instincts and ambitions. As an uncredited and undercover aide to the homicide division, his judgments, deductions, and actions bring the story to a satisfactory closure. A personal favorite in this book is Detective Kim Booker, the computer maven who can unravel a twisted skein of clues as quickly as her whimsically decorated fingernails can fly across the keyboard. She has a smartness that she wears as conspicuously as the appetite she is always looking to have someone else pay the tab for.

"Banfelder's descriptions are detailed, the novel well plotted, and his imagination without bounds. The book is well researched and has much to offer those interested in fishing and its gear, boats or environmental pollution. It gives the reader a peek into the world of police investigation and Mafia manipulation and control. Like the wonderful meal prepared at the Bella Sera restaurant, the thrills and chills just keep appearing, course after course after course."

Eva Ercolani, New York, N.Y., February 17, 2008. "If you're into Criminal Minds and the upcoming serial, Dexter, you are definitely going to enjoy The Author by Robert Banfelder. The book will make you aware of your surroundings in the same way Jaws gave you that uneasy feeling in the water. The source of your fear is the character Malcom Columba who is a vicious genius with no conscience. He is equal to Hannibal Lecter in his diabolical evil and twice as vengeful as the eco-terrorist in this contemporary suspense horror.

"Banfelder has created a bizarre world where law enforcement cannot be trusted, and a young drug-gun runner, Justin Barnes becomes the unlikely hero. This character is easy to hate, but the reader is unaware of the circumstances which bring Barnes to the climatic ending of the book. The Teacher, a previous novel written by Banfelder, shows how this character has grown. On a personal note, I enjoyed the Silmarillion by J.R.R. Tolkien for the way an author can create people and history. Banfelder does a great job with both the story line and the Barnes persona.

"Although this novel isn't for everyone, horror fans that enjoy Stephen King, and suspense fans that enjoy Scott Turow will find a lot to savor in this rabid chiller. Five stars for me."

P.H., New York, February 10, 2008. "A roller-coaster ride through Banfelder's serpentine mind. His characters are interesting, his prose engaging, his creativity formidable. Don't start this at night if you want a good sleep."

Edward C. Goodfield, Palm Bay, Florida, January 30, 2008. "As an avid reader of mystery, police and legal novels this book, The Author by Robert Banfelder, is the most fascinating psycological thriller I have read since The Silence Of The Lambs. Never has there been anything about a serial killer so well written and described. The writer must have spent much time researching the material. All the details and descriptions of the characters and locations are very vivid, leaving nothing to imagination. I highly recommend this book to anyone looking for an exciting story. I also recommend his other two novels: No Stranger Than I later published as Dicky, Richard, and I and The Teacher."

Joel M. Steinberg, Esquire, January 27, 2008. "The Author is a powerful two-volume prequel that carefully and completely introduces Justin Barnes, the protagonist found in Banfelder’s award-winning novel The Teacher. It is one of the best psychological thrillers that I have ever read, right up there with authors such as Thomas Harris, Jeffery Deaver, and James Patterson. The unfolding of plot summary is masterful. If you want to get into the sick mind of a prolific serial killer, and at the same time slip into the skull of an unlikely sort who tracks him and eventually winds up becoming a covert operative for Suffolk County Homicide, which paves the way for the sequel, then read this work of art. In all candor, I wish that I had read The Author before reading The Teacher. How Justin Barnes makes the transition from an illiterate street-savvy hood into the ranks of law enforcement’s elite is positively remarkable. The story is so well constructed that it will have you more than wondering if this supposed work of fiction is not in some way based on fact.

"Additionally, as unique as this gripping novel is, it also delivers reality to your doorstep at a terrifying pace. Banfelder not only tells and shows us several shocking scenes surrounding his fittingly fleshed-out characters, but somehow manages to do this without it being done for the sake of sensationalism. There is, indeed, a method behind this madness, for this novel is novel in the way it is crafted. I say it is destined to become a classic.

"Now, on another note; the novel is ambitious—731 pages. I use the word ambitious rather than to say that it is long, because ‘long’ could be conceived of moving along too slowly. The Author is anything but that. I love the witty aphorism that an average person’s attention span is twenty minutes before it turns back to thoughts of sex. If the love of power is an aphrodisiac, the power plays present in this noteworthy novel will keep you spellbound."

The Suffolk Times, October 4, 2007, Regan Batuello. "Bloody, long, and really good. Banfelder is a student of the criminal mind, specifically the serial killer. He has a knack for being inside the victim's and the killer's head simultaneously. Extremely original and a good tale. You should go out of your way to read The Author."

NewBookReviews.org, June 2007, Mark Reid, Editor, NBR. "Robert Banfelder has turned up the suspense content in The Author, which speaks volumes for his newest work. Malcolm Columba is a mastermind turned serial killer who has placed his agents around the globe, both into terrorist groups and law enforcement agencies with equal success. It has long been thought that genius is next to madness, but could Columba's madness be a diabolical means to an end? The Author is filled with twists and unexpected turns that will keep readers on the edge of their seat until past where you think this one will end. But wait, this is just the beginning. Outstanding! Unspeakable crimes, a thrilling chase and a mesmerizing tangled plot. What more could you ask for? Banfelder has written another winner!"


"Best Suspense Novel of 2006!"

Jason D. Dunham, Ph.D, Licensed Forensic Psychologist. Ph.D, Texas Tech University; Criminal Forensic Postdoctoral Fellowship, University of Washington School of Medicine and The Washington Institute for Mental Illness Research and Training, May 1, 2008. "As a forensic psychologist specializing in psychopathy, I have been researching authors who write fiction in the field of forensic psychology. I am impressed with Banfelder's well-researched, credible, and unique plots regarding the criminal mind. The Teacher was an easy, enjoyable read. The author painted an excellent picture of a psychopath through Clarence Emery. I noticed quite a few subtleties such as his inability to be nervous, always in control, and establishing relationships only for secondary gain. Bravo. It is always nice to see the field advanced."

Betty B. Fitch, North Carolina, December 26, 2008. "After hearing about The Teacher and this writer, I just couldn't wait to read him. Beating my husband to the novel, I recently finished the book. Before I read Banfelder's work, I thought Stuart Woods' novels were great page turners. The Teacher is next to impossible to put down once you pick it up. I loved the way the author started the story. The reader is immediately captured because you want to know why the kidnapped female prisoner was being held in the way she was, and why the arrested and imprisoned madman knew that he was simply going to walk out of Kirby Forensic Psychiatric Center on Ward's Island, an island off Manhattan—a real mental institution.

"At once, and throughout the book, you get more than a glimpse into the mind of the serial killer, Clarence Emery. Banfelder captures your attention and never lets go. I hated for the book to end, really, but I hear there is a polished sequel, Knots, waiting for an agent/publisher to wake up. Also, I learned that a two-volume prequel, The Author, has recently been published. I'll write that review right after I finish No Stranger Than I later published as Dicky, Richard, and I, Banfelder's first novel.

"I also loved the way the author ended each chapter, leading you into the next scene. That was brilliant. This guy did a lot of research, and it shows. I was truly appreciative of how realistic the novel is and was not whitewashed with political correctness. As a reader, I like realism—good or bad. I learned a lot, too, such as how larding, referencing cooking, is used. However, the antagonist, Clarence Emery, is entertaining other things in his disturbed mind. Banfelder is brilliant; his writing is superb. I don't know how else to describe the book. Convincing as a story? To say the very least.

"My main man, Justin Barnes, a no-nonsense Afro-American and the story's protagonist, is a bad mother @#$%*&—shut-my-mouth! Bad when he has to be; lovable as a black lamb in a white world. White or black, you will love Justin Barnes, as he stands for a type of justice that some of us feel, at times, is sorely needed in this country. As a black American woman, I know from where I speak. When the movie comes out, I'd consider the following cast:

Clarence Emery - Jack Nicholson
Justin Barnes - Ving Rhames
Jacqueline (Jackie) Rubino - Salma Hayek
Ruth O'Connor - Rachel Ward
Anthony Notaro - James Gandolfini

"The Teacher is a novel that really teaches as it entertains. It maintains an excellent flow and, being a very "visual" reader, I could easily see into the mind of Clarence (from the Latin word meaning "clear one") Emery. Very cleverly written."

Donna Gestri, Sayville, N.Y., December 19, 2008. "Let the Games begin! When maniac serial killer, Clarence Emery, begins his latest romp in murder and marinade, Justin Barnes is once again called upon as a behind the scenes hired gun for the Suffolk County Police Department. As gruesome as any game at the Colesseum, Emery taunts his pursuers with gleeful abandon. Clues are clever and well executed; tactics are hideous and upsetting; motivation is revengeful and twisted. A likeable, determined Barnes will stop at nothing to catch this psychopath even to convincing people he is fond of to get involved in laying his traps. While the reader gets an inside look at a criminal investigation through both the legal and illegal process, the tension mounts as the killer changes accomplices, appearance, and venue as quickly as Barnes changes his speech pattern. Plunged into a world of terror, one only hopes that several of the characters you become attached to are not next on Emery's "menu." The Teacher is not for the squeamish, but if you enjoy racing the clock to see the good guy get his man, you will keep pace with Barnes by turning the pages, analyzing the clues, and plotting Emery's just desserts."

The Fisherman, Long Island, Metro NY Edition, January 3, 2008; excerpted from Fireside Reading, by Angelo Peluso, author of Saltwater Flies of the Northeast and Fishing Long Island. "Bob is not only an accomplished angler but also a very talented fiction writer who manages to weave fishing tidbits into his compelling novels. The Teacher will have you sitting on the edge of your seat waiting for what comes next. If you enjoy your reading on the scary side, then this is a book you should read on a dark and cold winter's night. If you like being frightened, you won't be disappointed. This is a really great read."

Patti Ann Bengen, author of the romantic thrillers: The Devil's Dance and New Beginnings. Visit Patti Ann Bengen.
"Ah, the master of suspense thrillers returns with a fast-paced and terrifying story that will chill you to the bone, even on the hottest day of the year. The king of serial killer suspense, author Robert Banfelder, turns up the heat in his sequel to The Author. In The Teacher, an evil Clarence Emery creates deadly havoc on the eastern end of Long Island, and everywhere he goes. The big questions for Justin Barnes, covert operative for Suffolk County Homicide, are how does Emery manage to elude the police, and is the killer working alone? Another haunting quesion is can Justin stop him?

This story will bring you to your knees, and it will also give new meaning to dinner preparation . . . one you won't soon forget.

Banfelder brilliantly creates each unthinkable murder scene—unsparing in details—as the serial killings continue to grow in number, making for a terrifying end for the unsuspecting and unfortunate victims.

Time is running out. Barnes needs to catch up with this murdering monster and bring the killing spree to an end . . . but can Justin do it?"

Armchair Interviews, November 2006, Elysabeth Eldering. "Robert Banfelder does an excellent job of keeping the reader on the edge. If you like psychological thrillers or loved Silence of the Lambs, then The Teacher will prove to be a story that keeps you interested and reading until the very end."

Lighthouse Literary Reviews, September 2006, Ramona Davis. "From the first page, this book held me captive! The writing is superb, the characters are all appealing (even The Teacher), the dialogue is perfect, and the suspense well developed. Anyone can tell a story, but only a few can do it so compellingly."

NewBookReviews.org, September 2006, Mark Reid, Editor, NBR. "Robert Banfelder's newest psychological thriller,The Teacher, involves a diabolical and cunning serial killer. Clarence Emery is described as the most prolific serial killer in history and this fictional character lives up to that and more as The Teacher. Banfelder's ability to weave a complex plot with excellent characters, culminated into one of the best books I have read this year. His skillfully crafted story pulls the reader into an ever widening field of deception, death and destruction caused by Emery and his accomplices. Justin Barnes is a civilian working with the county homicide squad, in a position that is shrouded in secrecy. He carries a badge, but is anything but a cop. His task is to track down and stop Emery as quickly as possible. The energy between these two characters is astounding. Again, this is one of the best books I have read this year! Robert Banfelder is a masterful storyteller who has written a fantastic and terrifying tale about evil and what it takes to stop it."

Patty B., August 2, 2006. "The Teacher is a psychological thriller that will have you turning the pages. What goes on in a serial killer's mind? Robert Banfelder will have you guessing about Clarence Emery's intense interest in his victims. The attention to detail was riveting and his use of puns amusing. My suggestion is to read this early in the day if you want to sleep at night!"

The News-Review, June 22, 2006 and Suffolk Times, June 29, 2006, Regan Batuello. "We are in unfamiliar territory with The Teacher, inside the brilliant and amoral mind of a serial killer. It is a place that Robert Banfelder has an understanding and appreciation for. He has spent a lot of hours there. The Teacher is a nail-biting, anxiety-producing romp with death."

John Skinner, Editor-in-Chief, Nor'est Saltwater, July 2006. "I just got back from a week in London. Normally, I bring a mess of fishing magazines and cull and read articles to pass all of the traveling time. The only thing I brought this time was The Teacher. Wow! It is a truly excellent read—the kind you sit there and go, "Ah, just one more chapter." Next thing I knew, I read another ten! Robert Banfelder should be very proud. Also, I love all of the local references. A job well done!"

Robert Dore, Professor Emeritus, Queensborough Community College, July 2006. "The Teacher is a splendid tale, swiftly yet clearly flowing, and with a continuous mounting tension. I can scarcely think of any great madman, either in the form of a Shakespearean villain or in the mold of a Nazi monster that comes close to the antagonist."

Mary Ann Artrip, Golden Book award-winning author of Surrey Square, June 2006. "I just finished The Teacher and was educated and entertained all at the same time. I learned how little I know about food (and food preparation) wine and fly tying. But "larding" has to be at the top of the list. I'm sure to read The Author."

Available Online in E-Book Format

Cris M. Betancourt, January 28, 2013. An excellent thriller. Mr. Banfelder is quite a master of the suspense. The storyline moved at a good pace and kept me interested from the beginning to the end.

Betty B. Fitch, December 25, 2012. Knots is a fascinatingly fast-paced psychological thriller that kept me totally captivated from page one. While this book had a lot of technical information that I am not familiar with, the author creatively weaved his magic by presenting the material in such a way that even a neophyte, such as me, could easily grasp its meaning. Knots is a page-turner that keeps the reader fully engaged. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys intrigue, a host of captivating characters and a plot that takes unforeseen twists and turns, leading to an unexpected, yet discerning conclusion. Banfelder's earlier novels, The Author and The Teacher, are must-reads that (unbeknownst to us initially) naturally steer us in the direction of Knots. At the same time, unanswered questions from that series are neatly revealed while new ones inconspicuously arise. Is it possible that those answers await us in yet another Justin Barnes novel? Only time will tell. As the author's website discloses, The Good Samaritans, the fourth novel in the Justin Barnes series, is on the horizon. I will be looking forward to the author's next psychological thriller to answer my question. And once again, I'll be fighting with my husband, Edward, for equal reading time.

Ms. Elva, Librarian, November 26, 2012. We all have our heroes. Kalvin is no exception, except that his heroes are two serial killers. Thankfully, both of them are deceased, thanks to Justin Barnes, a "ghost" employed by the Suffolk County Police. But Kalvin doesn't remain discouraged for long. Instead he begins his very own career as a serial killer, both to satisfy is developing urges and to impress his heroes: the very same heroes that he knows won't remain dead for long. He's got a plan. Take the ride with Kalvin; if you dare. I did, but now I sleep with the lights on.

Renee E. Wolf, November 21, 2012. I throughly enjoyed reading this book. It captured my interest by the third chapter; after that is was hard to put down. His attention to detail was outstanding. I did have to reread some excerpts to get the full understand of tying knots a certain way and fly fishing; but it was well worth it. As far as I am concerned this book is different from his other ones and for me much better. There were times when I just wanted to skip ahead to find out what was going to happen; but all in all I am very glad I did not because waiting for the ending was certainly worth it.

Nancy Roberts, October 17, 2012. Long Island is my hometown, so any book that uses LI as a backdrop, gets my attention. Knots by Robert Banfelder is a thiller set on the east end of Long Island. Banfelder takes you on a journey across the Island through the eyes of the main characters. The attention to detail that Banfelder uses, whether to describe a location or a means of finding a killer, is extraordinary. He gets you into the minds of his characters which such detail, you feel like you could reach out and touch them. Banfelder's serial killer is an excellent blend of ordinary and evil. The murders are so intricate and horrific, that you want to continue reading and put the book away all at the same time. If you are looking for the unexpected, read this book.

Candy22, August 17, 2012. Couldn't Put It Down! Having never read a book of this genre, I was a little skeptical and worried that I was not going to like it. But, I admit that it was very exciting and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I found that I could not put it down! When I came to the end of one chapter, I had to start on the next just to find out what was going to happen. I love the Justin Barnes character; he's the rebel we'd all like to be, and I found myself cheering him on and rooting for him to succeed. Robert Banfelder's details and descriptions are wonderful and make the scenes come alive for the reader. I highly recommend "Knots" along with his other works, "The Author" and "The Teacher."

Russell F. Moran, Esq., author of Justice in America: How It Works - How It Fails, October 18, 2011. A True Thriller Written by a Master of the Genre. "Robert Banfelder's new book, Knots, is a thriller that takes you away to a different place, like a good thriller should. His research is impeccable, especially the details on tying knots, a special talent of the evil protagonist. He lost me a bit with the intricacies of monofilament lines and the deviltry they can be made to perform, but he never takes his eye off the ball. His knowledge of police procedures and protocols shows that he did his homework. He weaves multiple plots and sub-plots, as expertly as the killer ties knots, and delivers shocks along the way to a startling conclusion. Reading this book is like watching back-to back episodes of the best of Criminal Minds and CSI - without the commercials. He gives his detective-hero, Justin Barnes, a semi-official position that frees up the character to do things you wouldn't expect of a typical detective. Just when you think you have figured out where the plot is going, Banfelder pulls out the rug from underneath you with heart-pounding effect. When you read this book, you should set aside plenty of time. Banfelder has the novelist's talent of pulling you from the end of one chapter to the beginning of the next. If you enjoy a great crime thriller, this book will not disappoint you. Highly recommended."


Donna Gestri, author, Sweet Figs, Bitter Greens; Time Takes No Time, For Jennie, June 20, 2013. "As one grisly murder after another is revealed, the reader desperately tries to put the pieces of the puzzle together. New twists and revelations turn each deduction on its ear as you try to keep pace with the detectives reconstructing scenarios in order to bring their investigation to a challenge proof conclusion. Banfelder, who stoically followed the real Robert Shulman serial murders before, during and after the trial shrewdly connects the dots through Robert Redler, an author and investigative reporter with an eye for truth and justice. With cutting prose (no pun intended), Banfelder poses the question of whether manipulation of facts and evidence, moral ambiguities, and out and out fraud are justified in order to remove an obvious deviant from society. How imbalanced can the scales of justice be allowed to tip before the greater good cannot justify the means? The reader is tugged by both sides of the argument throughout this fast paced and intriguing story. Almost to the last page, you will question the choices made in the name of justice. A terrific read."

Candyce Paparo, February 6, 2013. "Intriguing and twisted! Another excellent read by Robert Banfelder! I wasn't familiar with the serial killer case that this book was inspired by, but I was sucked into the story to find out exactly what would happen with all of the characters. Lots of twists and unexpected turns. A great read and I love the ending!!"

Linda Chase, Forensic Anthropologist, February 25, 2013. "This is the best work by Robert Banfelder. All of his works are excellent. He captures the essence of the serial killer. I could not put down this book."

formerly published as No Stranger Than I

Mark Harris, Shirley, N.Y., August 10, 2008. "If you are looking for a novel to both excite you, frighten you and keep you up all night, then this is the next one for you. No Stranger than I [republished in 2014 as Dicky, Richard, and I] is the story of a murderer's beginnings, from childhood at the hands of a confused and psychotic, narcissistic mother through a society who rejects him as a weirdo loser to the Marines that throws him out (for uncontrollable violence) to total insanity and violence, a breakdown of a young 18 year old man into multiple murderous personalities. This book is well-written, from the first word to the last. I love books that force me to read them. This one kept screaming at me to drop everything and read me now. It took me one day and part of a night, I just couldn't put it down. The cover doesn't grab you but what's in between will. It is intelligent and believable. I'm an avid reader of all types of thrillers, well... Robert Banfelder caught me in his web, now I'll have to read more of his novels. This is a trilogy and I can't wait to read the next one. Buy the book, you won't be sorry."

Marcie Harris, Educator, August 5, 2008. "No Stranger Than I [republished in 2014 as Dicky, Richard, and I] is one of the best thrillers I ever read and, believe me, I've read a lot of them; all types of thrillers: spy novels, murder mysteries, psychological, medical, sci-fi, legal, et cetera. I think Banfelder's work is just as good and even better than authors such as H.G. Wells, Thomas Harris, Scott Turow, Robert Ludlam, Ken Follett, Robin Cook, Truman Capote, John Grisham, Patricia Highsmith, Stephen King, Clive Barker, Tom Clancy, Michael Crichton, Mary Higgins Clark, and Jonathan Kellerman. They should make Dicky, Richard, and I into a movie. I couldn't put it down. However, I would change the title and the cover to make the novel's appeal more dramatic."

R. Roberts, January, 23, 2005. "I really had trouble putting this book down. I especially liked the way the author explored the inner workings of the serial killer's mind, from his formative years in a dysfunctional family through adulthood when his childhood abuse manifests itself in truly horrific ways. No Stranger Than I [republished in 2014 as Dicky, Richard, and I] ranks right up there with the other top books of the horror/serial killer genre. I'll be looking to Amazon for more of Mr. Banfelder's works."

Dan's Papers, February 7, 1992, Jan Silver. No Stranger Than I [republished in 2014 as Dicky, Richard, and I]. "Mr. Banfelder must have done a lot of research on schizophrenic killers, ventriloquism, voodoo, ancient Egyptian mummification, and Marine boot camp. The novel covers territory explored in Silence of the Lambs and One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, but with its own twists and turns."

Towers News, May 1991, Dr. Geraldine Kammerman. "Beautifully written and precisely executed ...terrifying ...great humor and insight, exploring the realm of military, police, and both private and state-operated institutions ...extraordinary gift for the written word ...sentences actually sing; poetry in motion. ...No Stranger Than I [republished in 2014 as Dicky, Richard, and I] is brilliant. The author presents his literary abilities on every dynamic spell-binding page. Read this book slowly so that you can savor each line. I never wanted to reach the last page. But, then again I can always re-read it. Would be very interested to hear more about the writer and his current project(s). Is this the same Robert Banfelder who was the key crime reporter during the early 90's for the Towers Newsletter (New York). I remember reading about John Gotti and Amy Fisher... and seeing the name Banfelder. Is he still doing television? Let's hear more about the Banfelder man."

The Courier, February 14, 1991. Robert Banfelder's First Novel is Published: No Stranger Than I [republished in 2014 as Dicky, Richard, and I]. "A marvelous novel ...deals with the unrelenting hurt and horror of a young American life ...fascinating ...endlessly pleasing ...awesome in power ...even humorous." Excerpted from the novel's back jacket by Wallace Markfield, author of You Could Live If They Let You, Teitlebaum's Window and Radical Surgery, and Robert D. Crozier, Ph.D. (Hemingway scholar).



Christoper Paparo, marine biologist, outdoors writer, falconer, June 7, 2013. "In life, one learns and grows from their experiences. In his newest book, "The Fishing Smart Anywhere Handbook for Saltwater and Freshwater," Banfelder shares with readers the vast knowledge he has gained over his sixty years of being on the water pursuing the sport he loves most.

This book is a must have for any level of experience. Covering the basics such as rod/reel selection, baits, lures, and techniques used to target specific species is invaluable to those readers picking up a fishing rod for the first time. While topics such as fly-fishing and tying, fishing from a canoe or kayak and the various Shimano Systems will allow experienced anglers to hone their already acquired skills.

This book is a must have for every angler's library!

Autographed and custom personalized copies are available directly from the author. E-mail Robert Banfelder at robertbanfelder@verizon.net